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Before getting started in the online space (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & Broad Minded Money Maker Blog), I was, and still am a high school teacher in Northern Ontario, Canada with 27 years of experience.

I have literally taught it all: Art, Computer Science, Peer Tutoring, Religion, English, Physical Education, Cooperative Education, and Outdoor Education (my current assignment and absolute favourite).

My time in teaching has also allowed me to passionately pursue the world of sports as I have been a coach for the last 27, coaching curling, badminton, soccer, cross-country running and track & field.

I got into Affiliate Marketing because I was looking for a way to create Financial Freedom.

Both of my boys have been heavily involved in sports growing up, and that brings a lot of expenses... registration, equipment, travel costs, and time away from work for Mom and Dad. My husband and I decided early on that we would do everything we could to keep them as involved as they wanted to be… and that became expensive!

After exploring a bunch of side hustle options, I arrived at Digital, Affiliate Marketing, and have never looked back since. It has helped me to create an online business focused on passive income & sustainable actions, but more importantly, it is helping me to achieve financial freedom and the ability to live life on my own terms.

Remember I told you before that I was crazy-busy?? I’m sure you can relate to that so you will believe me when I say I needed an option that would fit my busy lifestyle. Digital Affiliate Marketing makes it possible to better leverage the time I do have to dedicate to this inside of my busy family life I'm blessed to live.

Now, what that has looked like since I first began doing this has changed, but the basic principles and the products I recommend have stayed consistent.

Finding your niche and the products you are proud to attach to your name is key. After that, the road to success lies in your Momma-Grit, your consistency and your determination

Digital Affiliate Marketing and blogging are both something I work several hours a day, and I am able to still do this while teaching full time. It is creating a manageable second income that is quickly out-earning my current 9 to 5!

It is creating a manageable second income that is fast-outperforming my current 9 to 5! Now I love my job, but retirement is on the horizon in about 5 year's time.

My hope is that I will be able to grow this business to the point that I can retire my husband early, hopefully in six months' time! Then he'll do the laundry, the groceries, the shopping and the cooking... and maybe I'll get him into this business too!

Now wouldn’t that be amazing??

So What Do You Get for Subscribing?

You'll get to learn about how I have created an online business in Blogging and Digital Affiliate Marketing, focused on passive income & sustainable actions!

If I could offer one piece of advice to you, it would be to take a risk, plug your nose and cannonball the hell out of it! Become a person of action and you will see amazing things start to happen in your life.

Remember too, it is NEVER too late to get started. The most important thing is that you DO get started and not just stay stuck considering it!

This Broad says... 💦 CANNONBALL! 💦

You Get Michelle!

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